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Trout rods

I can offer a number of trout fly rods in lengths, line weights and action. These include:

  •  6ft 6inch – 7ft 6 inch 2-4wt four piece rods
  • 8 ft 4 weight.
    A lovely delicate rod that will cast a dry fly or upstream nymph. It would make a lovely rod for a young angler, or for those who enjoy small streams and rivers.
  • 9ft and 9ft 6 inch, 5, 6 or 7 weight, 3 or 4 pieces.
    Middle to tip actioned rods – good for many applications. The 9′ #6 weight is probably one of the best rods I have ever fished with, and is extremely versatile.
  • 10ft, 10ft 6 inch, and 11ft, 6 or 7 weight, 3 or 4 pieces.
    These rods have a through action favoured by many and well-suited to loch-style fishing. The 10’6 and 11′ versions are extremely popular in the larger lochs of Scotland and Ireland. They have the power to reach distant fish and tame those large trout found there and in the likes of Rutland Water.

Trout anglers may also be interested in Wee Loch Rod, a 7-piece 9ft rod designed specifically for wandering in the hills — or “Fish’n’teering”, as Mark Bowler called in his Fly Fishing & Fly Tying magazine. The rod is available in 5,6 or 7wt and now available as a ten footer.


Salmon rods

I have 5 salmon rods available.

  • 11ft 3 inches, 8/9 weight, 4 sections.
    Switch rods are very versatile and popular. This rod has received critical acclaim from anglers and those most demanding of fishermen – the ghillies. Ideal for most rivers for both salmon and sea trout, this rod will surprise you with its abilities. Some ghillies are preferring to use this rod in favour of those made by some well-known manufacturers.
  • The Hebredian – 11ft 3 inches, 7/8weight, 4 sections.
  • Introduced to meet the demands of the fishing estates in the Outer Hebrides, this rod is ideal for boat fishing or fishing the spate rivers for salmon and sea-trout. With a removable handle it truly can be used as a single or two handed rod. Finished in a beautiful burgundy with a ruby fleck through the blank
  • 12ft 6weight, 4 sections
  • A light double handed rod finished in a beautiful sage green. A delight to use on smaller rivers
  • 12ft 6 inch, 7 or 8 weight Spey rod, 4 sections.
  • 13ft 6 inch, 8 or 9 weight Spey rod, 4 sections.
  • 14ft, 9 or 10 weight Spey rod, 4 sections.
  • 15ft, 9/10 weight 4 sections.
  • Finished in a matt green the rod was recently described as the best casting rod he had ever owned, the rod will enable the angler to fish the biggest of waters with ease


Saltwater rods

If your interest is in saltwater fly fishing then I can build a rod for you. These rods are stiffer and faster-actioned than their freshwater counterparts, with fittings and guides that are saltwater-resistant. These rods also make excellent predator fly rods.

  • 9ft rods, from 8 weight to 14 weight, 4 sections.

Lightweight range

Due to increasing demands from anglers who wish to fish with lighter lines, I can offer a lightweight range including:

  • 9ft rods, 3, 4 and 5 weight, 4 sections.
  • 10ft 6 rods, 2, 3 and 4 weight, 4 sections.

All are four piece. Other sizes are available – just enquire either through the website or give me a call – 07976 591717

Nymphing rods

Designed specifically for the nymph fisherman I have the following available:

  • 11ft, 3 or 4 weight, 4 sections.
  • 11ft, 4 weight, 5 sections
  • 12ft, 4 weight, 5 sections.

The twelve footer was developed with John McAllum who is a Scottish Internationalist and has captained the Scottish team in the past.

Lana Taylor – here pictured fishing in the Commonwealth Championships held in Canada in August 2016 – captained the Scottish Ladies and was top lady angler using her twelve footer. Well done Lana! Top marks….

Many other lengths and weights are available too – just ask. The Wee Loch Rod is now available as a 10′ as well.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Special offers page to bag yourself a bargain!

While you’re here, why not take a look at our range of fly reels and Harris Tweed bags?

Fish images on this page kindly provided by Ally Gowans.

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