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Rod care


Once your rod has been made and delivered to you, there are some simple tips you can follow which will help to ensure your new rod will give years of service and pleasure.

  • When setting up, be sure to pull the line straight through the rings and not by bending the rod (which puts a strain on the tip.)
  • Try to avoid leaning your rod on hard stones, metal or abrasive surfaces. Beware car doors!
  • Try to avoid hitting the rod with large flies, especially those with bead heads etc. Small indents and chips caused by these flies can lead to rod failure later.
  • Avoid severe angles when playing or landing fish. If snagged in the heather or trees (I often am!), don’t just yank with your rod. Instead, pull or snap off the leader with the rod pointed directly at the snag.
  • Keep the ferrules clean, and use the stoppers when the rod is not in use.
  • Don’t leave the rod in a wet bag inside the tube. Allow it to air-dry before storing.
  • Try not to twist the rod when taking it apart. This can damage the carbon inserted into the ferrules. If the sections are stubborn, use the two-person technique if possible.
  • Clean the rod periodically with warm water and a little detergent, and then dry it.
  • All the above will apply to all fly rods and not just your new Simba rod!


All my rods carry a two year, original owner guarantee on faulty materials and workmanship. Thereafter, a handling fee of £45 to replace any rod section will apply. Repairs for damage caused by accident or misuse can be carried out at any time and is charged at fair and reasonable cost.

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