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I offer a range of trout and salmon fly reels, from traditional looking fly reels to up to the minute modern fly reels. All are supplied in our unique Harris Tweed fly reel cases. Postage is free for delivery within the UK!

Limited Edition Bickersteth Classic Salmon Reel

This Limited Edition salmon reel is manufactured here in the UK. It is a simple design in a classic style, well engineered and has a beautiful floral scroll pattern etched on both sides. With a brass foot and handle this is a very attractive reel, supplied in our Harris Tweed case.

GSB 5/6

This reel is finished in gunsmoke and blue. It has a totally waterproof sealed drag system which is very smooth. The reel is easily changed from left to right hand wind. Comes in our Harris Tweed reelcase.

  • GSB 5/6

    Capacity:WF 6
    Backing:180 m
    Outside diameter:90 mm
    Spool width:27 mm
    Weight:153 g
    Colour:Gunsmoke and blue
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TFK 5/6

Beautifully finished in kingfisher blue and black reel cage. This reel matches my rods finished with the kingfisher trim. Looks amazing. Has a waterproof drag and a lovely click! Complete in our Harris Tweed reel case.

  • TFK 5/6

    Capacity:WF 5
    Backing:120 m
    Outside diameter:90 mm
    Spool width:27 mm
    Weight:126 g
    Colour:Kingfisher blue and black
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CTR 7/9 and 9/11

A very modern chic fly reel with red trim and a waterproof drag system. The reel is very light and is easily changed from right to left hand wind. Supplied in our Harris Tweed case.

TTR 3/4

This classic looking traditional fly reel has the tried and tested click and pawl drag system. This gives it that very satisfying screaming reel sound we all like to hear when playing a good fish! Machined from T6 aluminium bar stock, this is a delightful reel to use with my wee stream rods. Supplied in our Harris Tweed case.

MTR 5/7, 7/9 and 9/10

Available in gunsmoke in all three sizes and black in the smallest, this reel has a fantastic braking system. It is fully waterproof and sealed multi disc drag which can halt the strongest of fish. A V shaped spool offers extra backing capacity and a fast retrieve. There is a rubber O ring on the spool balance weight for your tippet. Supplied in our Harris Tweed case.

TSR 5/7 and 9/11

The two reels in this range are based on an old classic design. This striking looking reel is available in two sizes.

The 5/7 has a traditional click and pawl system that gives that lovely sound we all know and love. The 9/11 salmon reel is a beauty with a very strong disc system to help bring those big fish under control. Both reels come in our Harris Tweed case.

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