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The Wee Loch Rod

The Wee Loch Rod in prototype
The prototype Wee Loch Rod

Fishing companions

Heading up to the hills with a map, compass and rucksack – and the dogs! – is something I’ve enjoyed for many years. When staying at fishing hotels in the Highlands, or simply calling in to see what had been caught, I would meet anglers that had caught some fabulous trout – often “glass casers”. (Just look in the lounge at the Scourie Hotel in Sutherland for some recently-caught cased beauties.) When asked “where did you catch your fish?” the reply was often, “Oh, just a wee loch up in the hills”. The idea for the Wee Loch Rod was born.

The Wee Loch Rod can be tucked in your rucksack so no-one need guess you’re heading to your favourite loch in the hills. As a bonus, it can easily fit in your luggage and not incur the extra baggage handling charges inflicted by most airlines. It makes a fabulous travel rod wherever you’re going, and however you’re getting there!

The 7-section 9′ 6 or 7 weight rod has now been launched, and is receiving great reviews from customers. See the review in Februarys Fly Fishing and Fly tying magazine by Magnus Angus. It is catching fish all over the world – from New Zealand to the Isle of Jura!

Stop Press: The wee loch rod is now available as a 10′ as well as a 9′, and comes as a #5wt, #6wt or #7wt. The 10′ is another great rod which is so versatile – makes a great boat rod, as well as powerful reservoir rod.

You can now order a very special Limited Edition Wee Loch Rod. Your own choice of wee loch rod will be presented in a unique American Black Walnut hardwood octagonal case. A brass plaque will be inlaid with your own (or a friends) name and/or message. A great and unique gift.

Have a look at the video review below. It is in two parts and was compiled by Stewart Yates of Assynt Fly Fishing. Stewart is a very well respected guide in Assynt – check out his website.

Wee Loch Rod

Review Part 1

Review Part 2

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