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The Wee Stream Rod

The wee stream rods are designed primarily for fishing small brooks and streams where room to cast is restricted. From tiny chalkstreams to brooks all over the world, these delightful wee rods are so easy to cast.

Just like the Wee Loch Rod, this is a super-portable travel rod, an ideal journey companion wherever you’re going and however you’re getting there!

With lengths and weights from a 6’6″ 2wt to an 8′ 4wt there is a good range to choose from. The TTR 3/4 reel matches these rods perfectly.

Wee Stream Rod, Travel Rod

All the rods come as four piece which creates a neat package easily stowed away in your vehicle or suitcase ready to use anytime!

I also have available some three piece fibreglass blanks for those devotees of fibreglass – contact me for details.


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