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The Hebridean

The Hebridean is an 11’3″ #7/8wt rod designed for fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout especially from a boat.

Following the introduction of catch and release for Salmon and Sea Trout, many fisheries are requiring angler use stronger rods and leaders to help subdue fish quicker. This means that fish can be brought to the net quicker and released with minimal time being played before release – thus vastly improving survival. To this end I have introduced the “Hebridean”.

This is an 11’3′ #7/8wt that is perfect for salmon and sea trout fishing especially from a boat – a method favoured in the Outer Hebrides. In a very striking dark maroon with a ruby fleck in it, the rod is finished in this case with maroon whippings with a gold trim. Of course as with all my rods you can choose your own colour scheme…. Here it is teamed up with my MTRG reel with the waterproof sealed drag system.

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